Have you ever waited on a man?


Missing my Soldier

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I never thought I would be able to watch a complete play by play of my husband’s job on TV. Soldiers blowing up bombs on a daily basis and risking their lives for 365 days isn’t something you really want to see after your favorite show, Gossip Girl, ends at 9. But there he is, that young EOD technician steering the robot to the number one killer in America, the IED. I can’t help but imagine his face on so and so’s body joking around and laughing how they almost got their team killed, again. I try to think of when we laughed like that so long ago.
 It’s in times like this where my mind drifts to the memory of his husky deep voice whispering he loves me as he kisses me on the forehead and says sweet dreams. I can still remember the sweet smell of his cologne on our pillow after he left for PT, before the sun shined over my eyelids.  I can still hear the voices and commotion of other soldiers outside getting ready for another day of life in the Army.
I rolled over and moaned because I could never fall asleep after he leaves. “Cover your eyes babe,” he said as I grunted and threw the blankets over my head as the blazing light flickered on above my head. Why can’t he be organized and have things ready in the morning, just for once? I guess its part of his charm as a man.
It’s sad that I would give anything for that right now. To fight over the remote, argue over who’s turn it is to do the dishes or for the simple act of cleaning up after him.  I’ve never wanted anything more in my life than to just be next to him, right now, breathing in the same free American air.
I just want him back. Back in my life, living life along side with me and not living a million miles away in danger and sand. Miles of sand. But this is what I signed up for, this is my life and I’d do it all over again for the chance to say I do a million times more. He is my soul mate my other half; he’s my whole world. I can’t imagine how tough it is for him over there fighting in this war away from everything he knows and loves. I don’t know how he does it and puts up with me everyday at the same time. He’s pretty amazing I must say.
I only have to be patient just a little longer, which is defiantly not my strongest trait. Hell it’s not even a trait I have. Yet I have to stay strong each and everyday and put faith in God; that he will come home safe and love me just the same if not more. What an accomplishment we will have after this year apart. One I can be proud of and tell our children someday of how Mommy and Daddy made it and their love was stronger than ever. I can’t wait for that day.

Live Life,
Mrs. K


Out of sight, out of mind?

Being married is amazing. Having someone to come home to, trying to cook new meals together and watching countless movies are some of my favorite perks. Now there are always ups and downs in every relationship, but what happens when your other half leaves you for 365 days?

Not many people have to spend too many days apart from their significant other, but for military wives, girlfriends and their families days alone are just a part of their everyday life. Taking the trash out, paying the bills, fixing the car and keeping the house clean are just some of my everyday chores. I used to have my husband here to help me, but he's off fighting a war and will not be back for quite some time. Crap.

Being apart is tougher than you think. Sure he can call once a month, or try and Skype me whenever he can get to a computer,  or chat with me online for a quick 20 minutes and then I don't know when I'll hear from him again. It takes a strong couple to be able to be apart for that long and still stay in love and keep each other happy. I have learned a lot during this year that has fast forwarded my relationship to a deeper level where we are stronger than ever. Think of every problem you have ever had with a man and just pretend he isn't there right now in person for you to fix it. It's a whole new playing field now. You have to learn to fight, love and make up without seeing or hearing the person.

Here are some tips I have found to help you stay connected with your man when he's not around. Just know it can never be as bad as living without him for a year. So take it one day at a time.

Chatting Online- This is probably my number one way to communicate with my husband right now. It's hard because I can't hear tone or his laughter and reading his words is a heck of a lot different than hearing it in person with his facial expressions. Just remember to breathe, reread and know they probably don't mean it the way it sounds.

Phone Convo's-  A much better way to stay in contact when you can. Hearing their voice can soothe a lot of issues over fast and easy. Just make sure to be patient and listen. Don't make it a one way conversation.

Skype Sessions- Now it's hard to do for us in the Military because there is about 10 other guys hearing and watching you Skype with your lady, but it is a great feeling to see their face. Try and just make it as normal as possible. If you have a laptop it's great to show them around or new things that might take eyes to see.

Emails aka Love letters- I do love me some long drawn out romantic emails. I can go back and read them whenever I'm feeling lonely or sad. His words make me feel the love and attention I need and it makes me remember why we are so great together.

Packages of Love- A great way to connect and show you care is to send something to each other. If you can't be together, the next best thing is having something that the person you loved picked out just for you to show you they love you.

Live life,

Mrs. K

How long have you been apart from your significant other?