Have you ever waited on a man?


A new guy

Meeting someone new is always exciting and thrilling, but it's also scary and mysterious. I try not to meet new people because I just don't feel up to the whole idea and process of getting to know someone. I almost always am disappointed or it's over before it starts. 

How can you trust it in the beginning? How do you know it's worth putting yourself out there?

I find that because I have been through the "getting to know" stage over and over, that when I do meet a good guy I doubt it from the first kiss. If I expect nothing then I lose nothing. This way I can't get hurt. 

Is that a good thing though? I mean by the time someone wants to stick around I might be so bitter I would be a miserable girlfriend. I wish I could think positive, but it's so hard when they all start out like this. 

You meet, flirt, and exchange hundreds of cute texts. You talk for hours and can't seem to stop wanting to know more. You light up whenever he calls and you can't get your mind off him. 

That's my favorite part, but in the process of getting to know someone, the questions come. Answers lead to things I might not want to hear or vice versa. But is the chance of finding love worth all that time and effort?

I guess yes, because I keep trying and hoping he'll be the one who keeps me guessing and wondering. I want him to be someone I can hang in and watch movies with or have a night out getting drunk together. I want him to be simple and fun. A nice guy who will just plain want me in all the ways a girl is supposed to. Now is that so hard?

Good luck with that new guy ladies!

Live your life,


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