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Reading the subtext of text

With technology getting more advanced every day, or heck every hour, I wonder how it will affect our relationships in the future. How will it affect the way we communicate, the way we plan events, the way we show love and the way we live?

Right now you can practically meet, talk, date, fall in love and get married all online. Sometimes technology can be a great thing to have in a relationship. I know instant messages, skype and webcam are precious tools to keep long ditance realtionships going. I mean writing a letter is just so last century these days. Even though it's great to be able to keep in touch this way, it presents a series of problems that don't happen in everyday relationships.

The major problem with technolgy in relationships is it takes away the personal touch of everything we do. Of course you can't physically hug or kiss someone via text, but you can send them pictures with a kissy face through your phone. You can email videos of how much you love them or what your wearing to bed tonight ... Even though it's better to get a typed message than nothing at all, the problem with communicating through a screen is misreading all the signals. It's already hard enough to read them in person. 

A simple hello can have multiple meanings just by how you type it. Hey could be, "I'm in a normal mood,"  hola, "I'm feeling exotic today," whats up, "I'm laid back" or hi, which could mean "I'm about to rip your face off with my harsh words sent through the web at lightning speed." The way you read it isn't always how they meant to write it. If they were saying it out loud it would probably be a lot different than what they typed. Facebook is also not the way to A) find out important information, B) say I love you or C) Bicker back and forth about who's writing on your wall.

Be careful with technology in your relationship. Even a phone call is better than a text sometimes. Yet it's awesome when a man can open up and tell you things in an email or text that he would never be able to say out loud. Technology can be a blessing and a curse, but if you keep a good balance it can only help your relationship. Plus, don't you love it when that time you check their Facebook for the 50th time they wrote some little sweet encrypted message of how much they love you?

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