Have you ever waited on a man?


Making the first move

Making the first move ...

You catch his eye, but look away. It's there, that initial attraction to that stupid, shy, insecure boy who has no idea how to say a two-letter word: Hi. It takes about two hours for him to walk by you, then another hour to brush by you. Either someone finally introduces you, or you might comment on that drunk person dancing on the table making a fool of themselves and you chuckle secretly relieved it wasn't you this week.

The first move. I know, I know, it must be the worst thing you boys ever have to do in your life, but seriously the outcome will be worth it. It's pretty easy to read a girl, well most girls, and it just takes one word to get someone's attention. If you're a "not cute" boy then sorry, you might not get the attention. Don't worry it happens to girls too and more than you think.

For most intelligent, nice, cute boys this method usually works. Please boys tell me why is it so hard to say hello. Not just hello, but asking for numbers, names, where you live, you know those common things people might want to infer about that gorgeous person across the room.

Point is, make the first move. I'm not saying it always has to be on you, but at least make the effort. Women will appreciate it, if done correctly, and you might just meet a pretty cool person. Hey, you just never know.

Ladies don't forget to step it up too, it's the 21st century and it's about time we all get with it.

Oh boys, twenty three boys, or 59, 37, 334, whatever it is, there isn't enough in this world to satisfy us WOMEN. See you next time, next problem, next stupid boy.

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BDU said...

Ur so good with this writing stuff. loveu to death and cant wait to read more and see u next month!

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