Have you ever waited on a man?


Nice guys who finish last

Here I am again. The same place and scene. I met another "nice" boy. You know, the ones who are legit perfect, and I mean PERFECT. The ones who hold doors, bring you flowers, sweep you off your feet kind of perfect. Here I am again and I can't seem to accept perfect.

It's true when people say girls want assholes. We try to deny that statement, but it doesn't change the fact that it is completely true. We all want excitement and passion in our lives, well at least I do. I don't want to know he's at home watching TV, or out with his best friend, or that if I say come over it's exactly what he does. Come on, where's the mystery?

"No, I swear, I want a nice guy who treats me like a princess and gives me the world." It's a girls dream to have a guy who would do anything for her, put her above all else, and make her feel like she is walking on air. But how much fun is that? Try zero.

How about when that hot guy gets your phone number and then you have to sit and wait for him to call? At the time you might feel frustration, glancing at your phone every minute wondering when an unknown number will flash on your sidekick. When he finally does call your heart can't stop pounding from all the anticipation. Then you do it all over again the next day.

It's a classic scenario these days. I want to say he's perfect and that's good enough for me, but I just can't. For some unknown reason I want him to be a jerk sometimes, tease me a little, get me riled up. Life is so much better when it's unpredictable. I want to live as safely and dangerously as I can. I want the best of both worlds, but is there such a thing?

I have everything I want, yet still want more. Why can't us girls just be happy with what we have? I'm sure as hell going to try. I want my perfect man, because one day he might just surprise me and be nothing but imperfect. Flaws are actually kind of sexy and I'm sure they are hidden somewhere.

Oh boys, twenty three boys, or 59, 37, 334, whatever it is, there isn't enough in this world to satisfy us WOMEN. See you next time, next problem, next stupid boy.


D said...

Mistreating a girl is not something that I could do on purpose. But do girls like guys who are jerks to OTHER people? Because that would be fine with me.
And if girls really like guys with flaws, I should be getting a lot of propositions. Perhaps some people have lots of flaws, just not the right ones.

Andi said...


I don't think it's about mistreating them. I think it's about keeping them guessing and not putting them up on a mountain. I don't think girls like a guy who is a jerk to anyone. :) But they definitely love a little mystery and elusiveness. Flaws are definitely sexy. We don't want a perfect guy by far. It just depends on the flaw, like you said. :) Thanks for the comments keep them coming!

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