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Happy Halloween

Hey everyone

I just wanted to wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween. Most of us are starting the festivities today and I want to see all your costumes! If you send me a picture I'll add it on the site and I'll be sure to add pictures of my own festivities.

Don't forget girls this is the one night it's ok to look slutty and parade around in tight little outfits. Just remember that boys (and girls men) are typically not looking to get into relationships
tonight so don't fall for sweet lines like, "Do you
like my costume?" "Let's go hook up."

You will mostly end up disappointed and mad that you messed up your halloween make-up. So good luck tonight and flirt like hell and have a blast!

Oh boys, twenty three boys, or 59, 37, 334, whatever it is, there isn't enough in this world to satisfy us WOMEN. See you next time, next problem, next stupid boy.

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