Have you ever waited on a man?


Losing Your First Love

#4 The High School Sweetheart

We met on my cheer-leading team; how ironic is that? He, the adolescent smart-ass wrestler and football player, was dating a young, new cheerleader and I was the older, popular Senior Captain. He thought I had it all and I still can't figure out why he ever loved me.

If I had known then that this boy would change my life and become a part of me forever, I probably would have laughed for 23 minutes at the thought. He was just a boy back then and to see him now, as this evolved, strong young man, I literally have to catch my breath to take it all in.

Oh your first love. No one EVER forgets their first love. I hear it so many times. It's the situation now where two people meet in high school and stay together for years, way into college and then end up falling apart. Most of the time it's a one sided feeling and the other half is crushed when the end comes out of left field.

I feel for both sides and I have been there myself. So rather then give you advice about your first love, I'll just have to tell my story and hope it helps all of you out there. I hope it helps those people who are the ones who have given their all and loved their boyfriend or girlfriend with their whole heart, only to find out after years of servitude and loyalty, that person doesn't love them anymore.

I hope this helps the people who have let's say, "lost their love," and as hard as they try can't piece back together what they once had. It's so hard and so emotional to go through the break-ups and the hard times, only to end up miserable and heart-broken in the end.

I'm sorry I couldn't fix my own love, but all I know is this, "It is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all."

I believe that with my whole heart and so this story begins.

To Be Continued ...

Model: Iza Olivia
Photo: Andi Rothwell

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How long have you been apart from your significant other?