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Do's and Don'ts of friend triangles

Boy 1 has been your best guy friend for a long time. You have always just been friends. Now boy 2 comes along who is best friends with boy 1. Girl 1 likes boy 2 and they form a little duet for some time. Boy 1 gets angry and it almost causes permanent damage to both friendships. 


Do your friends have the right to go after your friends? How would you feel if your best friend went after your best guy friend? What if it didn't work out and one of them got hurt?

 It makes sense that you might want to look there, I mean where else would you be meeting people, the bar? I hear all the time that couples meet through mutual friends. Yet I think this situation could work, but it all depends on how close they are. It can cause serious strain to friendships when two of your friends start dating each other and you are caught in the middle.

It can start out simple and easy. It doesn't affect anyone, but when things go sour that's where trouble begins. Then it becomes awkward when the three of you are around each other and it almost becomes like a divorce. 

You have to spend time with boy 2 on this day and girl 1 on that day. I never realized how it could complicate someone else's life. 

So there is a definite thought process when deciding you like boy 1's friends. Let's just say there are definite do's and don'ts when it comes to these situations. 

1. DO make sure the guy you like is worth it. DO a little research before you just go throwing yourself at someone who could cause you a lot of grief later. 
2. If you decide he's worth it then DO ask your friend who introduced you if it would be ok to go after them. They could give you some great insight or just be mad that you even asked. In that case you know what you should do. 
3. DO take it slow. Don't just hook up with them the first night only to realize you probably would not have even made it through a second date with them. 
4. DO make sure he doesn't have a girlfriend already or that the ex isn't at the same place you are. That could turn into a cat fight no one wants to watch. 
5. DO realize that if things don't work out you could end up messing up your already great friendship. Be sure it's a risk you are willing to take. 

1. DON'T be the girl who hooks up with everyones friends. It's unattractive and in the future no one will take you seriously. 
2. DON'T be sneaky and think no one will find out about you guys. It's better to be open and honest than to risk hurting the people who care about you guys. 
3. DON'T trust him right away. Remember just because your friend is a sweetheart and gentleman, doesn't mean his friends are. 
4. DON'T put your friend in the middle of it. If you going through your mutual friend to handle your own problems with the relationship you could both be out on your butts. It's a stressful situation that no one wants to be in. 
5. DON'T make things awkward if it doesn't work out. Keep your cool if you end up at the same parties or bars, just remember you took that risk and now you lay in the bed you have made. 

Hope this helps, I know I could have used this advice one or twice in my life. Have a good Thanksgiving all! 

Live your life,


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