Have you ever waited on a man?


Wanting what you can't have


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Anonymous said...

I’ll be happy with graduating college, having a wonderful family and friends, and for the first time in my life, happy just being me, single and alone. I like how you claim to be happy but used the word "ALONE" not a happy worm fuzzy word by any means and it never even need to be added in that sentence??? In my opinion no one can really be happy alone…. maybe for a short time but not forever……Everyone is looking for love or a relationship all the time whether its with a little fling or a marriage…… its something everyone is looking for if they like it or not because its instinct.
Next, as you said in this article what is LOVE?? In my opinion its not the Disney Movie fairy tale love at all....its when you would give whatever you had to make that person happy, whatever it may be and in turn that will make you happy…..just the mere fact of seeing them smile and give you that look gives you butterfly's. Now that doesn’t mean that you’re waiting on them hand and foot im mean give me a break no one would want that it would actually get annoying. But more so just doing a few things here and there that make them know where they sit in your life and how important they are to you. As much as people want to believe that the puppy dog love will last forever it wont…..it grows into something a bit more and if not looked at close enough you will never see its true colors....

How long have you been apart from your significant other?