Have you ever waited on a man?


All the single ladies

Oh yes, completely single again. Valentines Day was just a celebration for single girls around the world, especially at the local bar I went to with my friends that night. They prowled in around 12:00 am and looked about as happy as a cat being skinned. Seriously. My friend and I received countless haunting glances from the young 21-year-old girls because we actually had smiles on our faces. Now of course I wasn't super happy inside that night. I got dumped that week, rejected by another guy who was getting over his ex, and felt as alone as someone could feel on this night. But I held my head up high and was determined to not stay in and watch chick flicks and feel sorry for myself.

I finally feel like being single can be a good thing. I'm focused on school and my career and not worried about anyone else. It's not so bad thinking about myself all the time. Being single doesn't mean I won't go on a date or not grab love when it happens, just that I won't worry about finding someone. I embrace the once dreaded word (single) now and am happy just going out with my friends and doing my own thing.

Of course thats when the comedian Greg Behrendt said is the perfect time for someone to come and fuck it all up. He is the writer of "He's just not that into you" and he finally opened my eyes to things I never understood before.

1. Why women think bad men are good

Because other women tell you that a friend of a cousins friends boyfriend cheated on them but now they are happily married. We have got to stop making excuses for what guys do when they aren't interested. Face it, if a guy doesn't call, cheats on you, ignores you or treats you like shit, then he's not worth it and move on.

2. Don't get married until you are ready or without being 100% sure.

I already knew this one, but it seems a lot of other women don't. It's probably something not on our young minds, but in the back of our head I would say we all think "could I marry this person?" I'm only 22 and I've been proposed to once and almost proposed to another time. So I would say I'm glad I already knew this rule and unserstand that marriage is the biggest deal in the world for me. Something I will never rush into. Probably the only thing I don't rush into.

3. Guys are giving us signs when they don't call, text, or email.

I know it seems like an obvious thing and we should all realize it, but guys have this sneaky way of still keeping you around without doing the work. They might not call or text today, but then a couple days go by and there they are again. Reasons: "Oh I have been busy, I texted you ... you didn't get it?" Or I've experienced the " Oh well you didn't come out and say you wanted to hang out?" I guess girls are supposed to do all the chasing but then we are crazy when do it.
Well I'd like to say I have learned a lot. I have, really. Truth is I have learned so much and I still can't spot the guys who just are not for me. Now that I can read these signs better I think it will be easier to realize HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO ME :)
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