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The point of hooking up

Seriously, I just don't get it anymore. What is the point of hooking up with someone? What does that even mean? I have come across a few men recently who seem to think that just making out and such is the ONLY thing we need to do together. 

Who made that rule?

Why should I hook up with someone without getting the restof the perks? It's just not fair. I think girls have the right to make guys chase them a little. I don't mean make them jump through hoops or anything, but is it too much to ask a guy to come drive to your house for once? Is it impossible to take a girl out to dinner, ice skating, the movies or just even ask her to do something besides coming over late at night?

People don't want the relationship or the responsibilities that come with dating. If it honestly feels like you have to call them or make plans or act in any certain way, well then they are obviously not the person for you. 

Some people like having just a hook up. Both parties need to be aware of this title though and clear of what each person will get out of it. Otherwise what is the point of hooking up? Isn't it supposed to lead to something else? I thought that was the point, but I guess I'm wrong. 

I guess hooking up can just be hooking up. It's the process of  "getting to know you" as it was put to me. In my opinion the hooking up should come after the getting to know. The physical part of the relationship can alter your mind and mess things up. I can't figure out how it does just yet, but I know that's the problem. I've learned that talking and spending time with them, doing things you both like to do, is a much better way to get to know someone. Then if you still really like them, bring on the physical part :)

Good luck making those decisions because seriously, who doesn't want to hook up with that gorgeous guy you met last week? Follow your hearts but lead with your mind, or at least try to!

Live your life, 


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Josh said...

Agreed.....you shouldnt give the person what they should work for. Being with someoe is more than just the phyiscal....altho that is the fun and rewarding part.....Getting to know someone is what its all about and if you can get past that part the physical will be a million times better!!!

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