Have you ever waited on a man?


As good as it gets

I'm sorry I haven't written. You know how life comes at you sometimes and a million things happen at once and you are so overwhelmed you don't know what to do? Yes, that's what happened to me and just like most people, all at once.

I graduated college, finally, and I have been working a ton of hours and planning my big move to LA. I made it and now I'm here and am as overwhelmed as one could be, but it feels good. I'm trying my hand at writing for entertainment here in Hollywood, how exciting right? I'm sure I'm in for the most amazing adventure.

Not only have I risked everything I have to do this, but I have also been risking my heart at the same time.My life is just crazy. I lost a big part of it a couple months back and it was something that just I just had to let go of.. The clock had run out on us and there was nothing that could have been done to save us.

I thought what I had was as good as it gets. I thought what I had was what real- life fairytales became, which was a let down. I thought he was just the best it could get for me because he stuck around and cared. I never thought I would meet someone who brought the reality back to my dream of the ideal man. A man that could make me smile when he walked in the room, a man that cared about me and loved me for everything I am and everything I am not.

I'm lucky in every way possible. I have dated and seen just about every type of man you could and I'm only 23. I thought if I just focused on my life eventually I would meet someone that might make me happy someday. I had no idea it would be this soon or going to happen when I was going through this huge life changing event, but it did.

I learned a long time ago you shouldn't be looking for someone you can spend the rest of your life with. You should be looking for someone you can't live without. It should feel like you're walking on water, or getting high on the love that's surrounding your whole body. Your heart aches when you're away from him and they occupy your mind every minute of the day. I always dreamed it would be out there and I have to say I'm pretty sure I found it.

There are always obstacles in life and of course love doesn't come easy. But we all know it's worth it. At least I know he is worth it. We may be a couple thousand miles away, but what we have crosses oceans and mountains and I can still feel it, in my heart everyday. Sometimes the right man can come along when you least expect it. I didn't know it at first, because come on we all know it usually never goes on past a month, but after we made it past three months and we said those three words, I knew he was the one.

As much as I talk about boys and how awful they can be or how hard the world of dating is, there is someone out there made just for you. Believe in that still and have faith. Don't settle for anything less than what you want because those boys just don't deserve you. Good luck!

Live your life,

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