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Moving in?

There comes a time in one's life, some earlier than others, when the little birdie has to move out of the nest. They start to find their own food, clean their clothes, their house and they begin the process of making their own decisions.

I did this a little early in my own life, but now it's time for some boys I know to step up to the plate. A number of them have been spoiled and some never needed to fend for themselves and still don't. For me, I want to move forward in my relationship and get a few months of practice living together before we make the big move into our own place.

Living with a significant other is a challenge. Not only do you have to come home to each other every day, but you also have to figure out how you merge both of your lives together so that you don't drive each other crazy.

Some tips on handling the move?

1. Communicate!
I can't stress how important it is to talk about the changes in both of your lives. If you talk about your dislikes and be upfront and honest then arguments can run smoother.

2. Contribute.
Dishes, vacuuming, dinner; make the extra effort and help around the house. Both of your lives can get pretty hectic and helping out without asking is always a winning move.

3. Be responsible.
Moving in together is a big deal. Treat each other with respect and remember that you have a home together now and every detail of that is just as important as your relationship.

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